Thursday, September 24, 2009

Suomi, part 1

Here I am again... A lot of time has passed again since my last blog update, so I'll tell you about things that also passed some time ago: my trip to Finland in August.

I had actually thoguht about writing here already from Finland, I had a text in my head and all, but there was really no time for anything like that. Normally I'm busiest in Finland when I'm Helsinki and try to see everyone in the last few days, but this time I was running around all time. First due to an extra trip to Helsinki for friend's hen night and then to the fact that boyfriend came to Finland too. Both very nice reasons, though.

It was nice to be in Finland in August. Normally I go earlier in the summer, in June or July, but this time the wedding party made me travel later. That was great - I still got my bit of Finnish summer, but also a nice hue of Finnish autumn that I haven't seen since I moved here.

I have sometimes missed the Finnish autumn here. All the nature's colours (you should see the colours!), the crisp air, the smell of the autumnal forest, berries and mushrooms... The darkening nights, candlelight and the starry sky.

Why, then, haven't I reserved one of my trips to Finland in autumn? Well, it all may sound very romantic, and when the weather is fine, the autumn there is just lovely. But... it can also be raining in the most unromantic way, not always the ruska (the time when the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange and red) is bright and beautiful, and the autumn can be basically very grey and dishearting too. Do I want to take a chance with my trips? No.

But now I got both the summer and the autumn. I got to swim in the lake, eat icecream in the market place, eat strawberries and peas (both tradicional summer delicacies) AND I could also go picking mushrooms in the forest. Me likes!