Monday, August 11, 2008

My 12th home

I have written here too long time ago, but I'll try to write more often for now on... I was in Finland for almost whole July and after my trip I have dedicated my time to moving out. I haven't even had much time to write my thesis (which after the long vacations inspires me again), let alone update the blog.

After coming home to Mexico ater my lovely trip I found something disgusting: when I stepped trough the door, there was a strong smell of humid cellar and my kitchen was full of mould fungus. Soon I found out that the mould had also found its way to bathroom and to my closet. The department had always been humid, but not that much! So, to cut a long story short, for last two weeks I have been cleaning everything with disinfectant, vacuuming, washing clothes, throwing out lots of things (some bags, shoes and clothes just couldn't be saved) and packing. And I can assure you that packing would have been much quicker if I didn't have to vacuum every book and bunch of copies...

But something good, after all - I have never found a new apartment as fast as this time. My study mate had a room to rent, and yesterday I finally got all my things to my new home. It's a bit smaller than where I used to live, and there are no bookshelves (which IS a problem with all my books) nor much space to keep things (as you can see in the kitchen photo) but at least there is a little kitchenette, own shower - and most importantly of all, no mould!

This is my 12th home. During my 26 years I have been living in five different homes in Finland, three in Chile and four in Mexico (this one included). It's a bit too much I think, I don't really like moving. And still I hope I can move to my 13th home soon - not because I don't like it here, but because I hope that the 13th one will be a bit more permanent.