Wednesday, December 17, 2008

M is for meaningful words

I have seen this nice meme in many blogs and decided to give it a chance too. Villapeikko gave me an M, so here are some meaningful words that begin with it.


My mom is a very important person to me. We are alike in many things, and not in the bad sense. Even though I live far a way from her and my other relatives, they are an important part of my life, and always will be, wherever I am.


Mummi is how we call our granny in Finnish. Mummi is 92 years old and still lives alone, knits socks, crochets curtains and cooks and bakes for everyone. And she so witty – she can probably invent something clever to say to someone more quickly than I do (I blame my birth place – in my region people are known to be slow, and where she comes from people are known to be very quick, witty and funny).


México (pronounce it as in Spanish!) is so many things to me. It’s my second home country, no doubt about it, and my actual home. México means the possibility to be with the man I love and do what I want right now: my research. I don’t know if I will stay here for the rest of my life – but I know that I’m very happy with my life here now. I have learnt to love the country, its rich culture, its nature, its smells and colourss and all its variety, and the people too, generally so friendly and nice. I have learnt lots of things and the country has changed me (I think for the good more than for the bad). Of course there are lots of problems too. The poverty, the corruption, the violence, the insecurity, the racism and other kinds of discrimination… Sometimes reading the newspapers seems more like reading a novel of Kafka rather than reading the news. There are many things I can’t understand and many things I wish were different and will hopefully change some day. I could rant about the Mexican politics for a loooong time (which I’m not supposed to do in public, though, thanks to the Constitution that states that foreigners can’t take part in politics).

Milky Way

I love astronomy and cosmology. The space has interested me since I was a little girl. If I was a little better in maths, I might be studying astronomy. Not that I couldn’t study it now – I could, and would probably be OK in it. But as astronomy is a passion, I don’t want to be just OK or good in it. I would have to be excellent. So I never even tried to study it, and prefer to have this interest as a hobby. I’m still always looking at the sky, and could spend hours watching the stars, moon and planets and Milky Way. By the way, I think the Finnish word for Milky Way, Linnunrata (Birds’ way or route) is much more beautiful than the English version.


My doctoral research is about social memory. My thesis is about how past human rights abuses are remembered and treated in Chile and in Mexico. I still love my theme after working with it in my Master's thesis too, so I guess it was a good choice. Sometimes it can be really hard to read about all those awful human rights violations (even when committed in the past), but it helps to remember how important the theme is.

Mother Nature

The nature has always been very important to me. I need to get in the forest every once in a while. I think that's one of the toughest things for me in living in one of the biggest cities in the world - I can't get to wander in the nature as much as I would love to. Luckily there are some forests even in the city, and besides Mexico City is greener than you would think. (The picture is from Finland.)

Making things
I could get crafts in this list after all, ha! I love making things: knitting, making jewelry, drawing, painting... but also cooking and baking. And I would love to learn to make more things with my own hands - wood and metal work are something I want to learn someday. Actually, if I just could, I would make almost everything myself. In my family handmade things have always been valued. Maybe that's why I was very impressed when boyfriend first time said that someday he would like to construct his own house.

Morning light

I love the soft light in the summer mornings in Finland, right after the sunrise (Not that I see it a lot, but anyway). The light in general is very important to me and I can get a bit blue or depressed if there’s not enough light in my home. I always have the curtains open during the day to be able to have daylight in the room and to watch the sky. I love to observe the different tones of light at different times of the day and in different places. I can still remember the light in Chilean Patagonia. It was as if the sky was closer to the Earth there, as if you could touch the sky if you reached a bit more, as if the light was raining down…


I love travelling. My parents always took us children with them to their trips to Europe, and I guess my travel bug is from them… Travelling and getting to know new places is fun. And you don’t even have to travel very far; sometimes a travel in your own city can be an adventure. I also like travelling in the bus or in the train. Watching the scenery that passes by can sometimes be even better than getting to the destiny. I like flying too, even though it’s not at all ecological. But at the moment it would be impossible to travel to months in a ship just to see my family once in a while.

I could write about other M words too, like moral, mediocrity, and meanignful job, but I think my list is long enough as it is. Who knows if anyone gets even this far...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aaaaand the winner is...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I found many new blogs I'll be visiting again. The winner of the contest was drawn with a traditional method (sorry for the blurry pics, it was a bit dark already when I took them):

Rachel O, send me an e-mail to colibridreams[at] and leave me your address so I can send the painting for you when it's ready. Tell me also if you want your turtle to be natural coloured or if I make it with your favorite colours.

Just because it's a good day and I got an idea for a polar bear yarn painting, purple-power is going to get hers too! So, send me your address and a small painting might appear (no wishes for this one though, I have the idea very clear already - but it will include your favorite colour too).

I can't tell yet when you will get the paintings, as I still have some (ok, quite a lot) Christmas knitting to do. But I'll try to make and send them soon.

And Perttu (my dear brother), if you really want a yarn painting, I'll make you one... some day. But probably not with Eero in it.
For all those who didn't win this time, you can always check other contests... Alpaca Farmgirl is having many give-aways, including giving away this beautiful yarn. You can win other things too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One year and one day - a blog contest!

I have been writing this blog for one year and one day now. (Yes, I did notice my blog birthday already yesterday, but was just too busy to even think about writing!) It's a quite long time, and has passed so quickly. That's why want to have a little contest to celebrate the ocasion. Just leave a comment in this post and tell me your favorite animal and colour. I'll make a little yarn painting (about 12 cm x 12 cm) for the winner of his/her favorite animal. You'll have until next Monday to participate! (You can leave a comment in English, Spanish or Finnish.)

These last weeks have been very busy with the studies. I have made various presentations and the University, written essays and tried to advance in my researh too. Of one presentation I'm particularly proud of: a short afro dance show my dance group made. Yes, you read correctly. I have been taking an afro dance class this semester and I love it. But when the teacher told us we had the chance to make a public presentation, I had my doubts. I'm not really that good at sports, so my first thought was: "Me, dancing afro in public??? No way!" Especially because our group is very small, so every one really would stand out.

But then I thought again. It was a great challenge. I don't feel shy speaking in public about my research, but even the idea of dancing in public made me nervous. So I decided I had to do it, just to overcome my fears. It wouldn't really matter if I would look stupid or if I couldn't keep up the correct rythm. I would do it or myself.
And so I was one of the six persons of my group dancing in public. I'm so happy I did it! We weren't perfect, but I think no one noticed our little mistakes, because we were so happy and had lots of energy. At least we got lots of aplauses. I felt really good afrterwards, even though I think those were the quickest 4:30 minutes of my life (the presentation seemed to pass so quickly that I was almost disapointed when we had to stop dancing).

Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been featured in Etsy Blog en Español! Emma makes interesting interviews of Etsy artists in her blog. I'm very happy that I got the chance to be featured! Emma has also her own Etsy shop with some very nice things, be sure to check it.

A while ago, I got this recognition from Juanita, but I just haven't had time to blog about it earlier.

The rules are these:

1. Choose 5 blogs that you estimate because of their creativeness, images and/or interesting content.
2. Every prize is personal and when you give it, you have to mention the name of the blog and put a link to it.
3. The receiver puts the logo of the prize in his/her blog.
4. The logo should be linked to the direction of the blog where you received the prize.
5. The receiver puts the rules in his/her blog.

There are lots of creative blogs-I read, so this isn't easy... But well, here are my choices this time:

- Hitaat kiireet

Finally, here's a picture of some jewelry I send to Finland. If you're interested, my Mom is selling these (and many others) in Tampere.

Well, back to study now. We have a long weekend here in Mexico, but no fiesta for me, I'm spending some quality time with my thesis.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I wanted to write about the Day of the Dead Celebrations here in Mexico, but I'm too shocked and it really doesn't seem apropiate right now.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the first results on the presidential elections of the U.S., suddenly there were thes extra news on an airplane accident. The small plane that carried the Mexican Secretary of the Interior and some other civil cervants had crashed in the street in the center of the Mexico City. The people in the plane died immediately and the were other victims - at least 5 - that had been on the street. And at least 40 persons got injured, as there was a huge fire. Luckily the plane didn't crash into any of the high buildings there are near, the damages could have been even worse.

The accident happened only about 30 metres from the Finnish Embassy. Yesterday I still thought "Well, at least no one should have been in the Embassy that late". But I just heard that a a Finnish friend was just leaving the building when the plane crashed and she's now in hospital. I really hope she gets well soon.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Day of the Dead Treasure hunt!!!

The Mexico street team in Etsy is back! To celebrate the Day of the Dead, we decided to organize a Treasure Hunt tomorrow, 1st of November. Here's how it works:

The shops that participate in the hunt will hide the following image in one of their listings:

You task is to find the image in these shops:

The image will hidden in the shops on Saturday, November 1st and you have until November 2nd to find it in all the shops. To win, you have to submit either the listing IDs of the items or the item links where you found the picture. You should send this information to mexicoteam on Etsy.

The winner is the one who finds all of the images in the stores. If more than one person finds all the images, we will make a draw to determine the winner.

Why bother? This is your chance to win something nice and handmade! Each team member will mark one of her listings as "Reserved for the winner of the Day of the Dead Treasure Hunt". When the winner is announced, he/she can pick any of those listings by any team member, but just one. The winner will shop for the item on etsy, but does not pay since the prize will be delivered to his/her home all free of charge.

So here's the thing in nutshell:

1. On Saturday 1st of November, check all the stores mentioned in the list and find the listings with the skull image.

2. Send the information to Mexicoteam and wait until we tell who the winner is.

3. If you are the winner, pick your prize and shop for it!!

You have to be registered in Etsy in order to participate. Joining is free and easy! Check this link, if you want to participate but aren't Etsy member yet.

And finally, here are some yarn paintings I made for the Day of the Dead.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A lovely birthday surprise

Last Friday was my 27th birthday, and my dear boyfriend decided to surprise me with a trip. On Friday we went to a restaurant and he told me we would stay the weekend in his house, so I would have to take some clothes with me. I had imagined that we would do something on Saturday, as boyfriend had insisted on that it wasn't a good day for a birthday party. Still I was happily surprised when he woke me up early in the morning for a weekend trip.

Whole trip he managed to keep it secret where we were going. It was excited to sit in the car and watch the beautiful scenes without having a slightest idea where we would end up. After three and half hours we arrived to our destination, Chignahuapan. Actually we didn't stay in the town itself, but in Aguas Termales de Chignahuapan, a hotel and spa with hot springs, which is outside of the town, in the mountains.

The place was lovely! The hotel lies in a small canyon, between the green mountains and beside a foaming river. It's quite isolated, which is only nice for a relaxing stay. And relaxing it was - the swimming in the thermal waters is just lovely. The best thing is that in the hotel rooms you have your own hot spring bath. Perfect for couples!

There are also some activities there. On Sunday we went to a nature walk in the mountains. The scenery is just spectacular!

On Sunday we also visited the town of Chignahuapan. It's nice and colourfull little place.

You can find lots of pottery there - and Christmas decorations. It was kind of funny to see the whole town full of Christmas spheres, some of them about 40 cm. Even though they were really beautiful, I only bought this clay pot. It's handmade, but it cost almost nothing. I love cooking, so it will be something useful!

I'm so happy after this weekend I'm still kind of floating in the air. This a was perfect birthday! Beautiful place, tranquility, walking in the woods, good food, relaxing in the hot springs, a romantic weekend... and all this with my loved one. What else can you ask for? I really really love that man!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First I wanted to tell you that I have been invited to participate in Mayeh, a blog where a few Mexican designers/artist present their work. I'm very happy about being part of the blog. Hope you like it too! Every month there's a new theme for things we make. I have already lots of plans for October's theme (Autumn), just have to make those plans reality!

The plans for the Mayeh theme aren't the only one I have. I have lots of creative energy going on, and lots of ideas I want to realize using different mediums. I'm in some kin of manic period... I want to knit - I'm usually one knit's woman, but now I have three projects on the needles and want to start more - make yarn paintings, jewelry, paint... and even crochet. I haven't crocheted in years, but now I want to start again. I actually already tried to crochet a bit, here's the result.

It was supposed to be a decoration for my new jacket, but I think it's a bit too big (10 cm). I like hippy flowers, but there's a limit... But that's a good excuse for crocheting more flowers. This model is designed by Vilma.

I haven't been making jewelry for a long time, and yesterday I finally got my beads out. I have so lovely materials, looking at them gave me even more ideas. This necklace is will probably be called "Circus" for its fun colours. It is made of tagua seeds. If you like it, you can soon find it in the shop.

Even though I make jewelry, I almost never make it to myself. Something had to be done about that, so I transformed these reindeer bone amulets I found in Finland...

... to this jewelry set for myself. Very happy with the result.
It seems something with the bones fascinates me rigth now. I bought these today (I have promised myself to use my old materials before buying new ones, but I just couldn't resist):

At least there's a purpose for few of them already - the circles with two stripes could become earrings for Mom.

Luckily all my creative energy hasn't limited to crafting. I have also had lots of energy for studying, and my research is going well too. The only thing I need is more time to study and craft!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Painting with yarn, part 2

A couple of days ago, I finished a little yarn painting that I have been making whenever I have had the chance. It's called "Hummingbird dreams". I listed it also in my shop. Here is a picture of the finished painting:

And here one work-in-progress pic:

As you might notice, there are a little difference between the work in progress and the final painting. That's exactly what I like about the technique. At every moment while I'm working I can chance my mind and just rip some detail off if I want to. That is very practical, as I usually don't make any sketches beforehand (except for "the Meeting" yarn painting , as it was a custom order), or if I do, they are very very general. I never know exactly how a certain painting will turn out, and that always makes things more interesting. I just love to experiment how to make three-dimensional impression with pressing the yarn on the beeswax in different ways.

The technique requieres a lot of patience, as making just a one little detail can take hours. But I like that slowliness too. It makes you concetrate on the moment of creation, which is relaxing.

I have also been knitting. This time I decided to start the Christmas gift early. I'm knitting a hoodie for boyfriend again, and as he is quite tall, I know it will take a while to make (especially with 3 mm needles). I'm not hurrying too much with this, anyway - if it's ready before Christmas, I know he'll want to use it right away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skeletons and trees of life

I'm still alive... I have thought about many things to write about, but I just haven't gotten into it lately. Well, I'll try to get more active again. And I will write about my trip to Finland too, but not now.

On Friday a friend of mine invited me with her to Metepec, a village near Mexico City. It's known for its crafts, mainly pottery. I have never been there before, so it was a nice day trip. As my friend needed to buy things for a restaurant in Finland, we spent the whole day looking for different kinds of ceramics.

We found some very nice places. I especially loved the Ortega family's workshop. The place itself was very beautiful, with pottery all over. They had even decorated the ground with it.

The main themes in the pottery in this village are trees of life and different kinds of skeletons, like the Catrinas (elegant skeleton ladies). Also the Ortegas had there workshop full of them. I liked a lot for example this Noah’s ark tree of life, which was about 75 cm high and had taken them more than a month to make.

I fell in love with this lovely lady, although unfortunately I couldn’t take her home.

Although there were so many lovely things, I only bought two gifts and well… these boxes for myself. You’ll see them in the future here, after I have the time to decorate them.

I have finished some things too, like a cable sweater for myself and a hummingbird themed yarn painting, but you'll see them later.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My 12th home

I have written here too long time ago, but I'll try to write more often for now on... I was in Finland for almost whole July and after my trip I have dedicated my time to moving out. I haven't even had much time to write my thesis (which after the long vacations inspires me again), let alone update the blog.

After coming home to Mexico ater my lovely trip I found something disgusting: when I stepped trough the door, there was a strong smell of humid cellar and my kitchen was full of mould fungus. Soon I found out that the mould had also found its way to bathroom and to my closet. The department had always been humid, but not that much! So, to cut a long story short, for last two weeks I have been cleaning everything with disinfectant, vacuuming, washing clothes, throwing out lots of things (some bags, shoes and clothes just couldn't be saved) and packing. And I can assure you that packing would have been much quicker if I didn't have to vacuum every book and bunch of copies...

But something good, after all - I have never found a new apartment as fast as this time. My study mate had a room to rent, and yesterday I finally got all my things to my new home. It's a bit smaller than where I used to live, and there are no bookshelves (which IS a problem with all my books) nor much space to keep things (as you can see in the kitchen photo) but at least there is a little kitchenette, own shower - and most importantly of all, no mould!

This is my 12th home. During my 26 years I have been living in five different homes in Finland, three in Chile and four in Mexico (this one included). It's a bit too much I think, I don't really like moving. And still I hope I can move to my 13th home soon - not because I don't like it here, but because I hope that the 13th one will be a bit more permanent.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Almost like MTV

Well, maybe not quite... but at least a music video was involved!

Yesterday I was asked to work as an extra again. This time it was about shooting a music video for Jimmy Steel, at least yet unknown Mexican singer and songwriter who is about to publish his first cd.

The shooting of a music video sounds interesting, and at least it was an experience, if not necessarily the most positive one... We had to be already at 12 p.m. in the meeting place, but we were transported to the shooting location two hours afterwards. The shooting took place in an old factory in Ecatepec, not very nice part of the city up in the north. The place was hidious - it was very dirty and you could just imagine that the rats and the cockroaches would come out at any moment (which they luckily didn't do), and there wasn't too many places to sit down. During the night it was also very very cold, and there were little holes in the ceiling, so you had to choose well where to leave your things while it was raining. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so I can't show you how the place really was. (I have to admit, though, that there was some rough beauty when I saw the moon, stars and the building reflect on the pool of water left by the rain.)

The production was very badly organized. The staff came to the location hours later than us and the shooting started about six hours later than programmed. Besides, the order of the scenes was badly planned, which meant loooong and boring hours of waiting for us extras. For example us girls were needed only in one scene, and that was the one they shot last. Instead of being able to leave before midnight, as we were told, we finally left at seven o'clock in the morning. So 17 hours of waiting and hanging around to work for one hour. I had taken my knitting project with me, but the place was so dirty I didn't feel like knitting at all.

What comes to the video, I think it will be quite good after all. The music isn't bad either, even though the singer's voice isn't very good and his English pronunciation is just awful and many times incomprehensible. We got many good laughs with that... and with his clothes too. He's a kind of combination of Familia Peluche, Jesus of Iztapalapa (In Iztapalapa delegation there are every year Easter processions) and walrus (the moustache is much bigger than in pictures).
But I think he's very serious about himself... He even seemed to think that in the concert scene we were jumping and screaming because we liked him so much, not because we were paid. Well, we'll see if he'll be successful or not.

Even though the shooting was very tiring and mostly boring, and today I have felt as if I had hangover even I haven't drunk alcohol, at least I got some new friends.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm almost on vacations now. Almost all seminars have ended by now, I only have one more class left. And one tutorial meeting, which I'm not looking forward at all. I tried to change my tutor, but it didn't work out. It seems that I'm stuck with that unpleasant person who really doesn't understand my research theme. It's quite frustrating, but "ni modo", as the Mexicans would say.

Even though I kind of have vacations already, I'm still studying and trying to finish one chapter of my thesis. But don't worry, I'm not working too hard either, I'm crafting too... And in couple of weeks, when I travel to Finland (happy happy, joy joy!) I'll have vacations for real. I just can't wait!

By the way, I did get the Lehmus-shawl ready by the wedding. The pictures were taken with boyfriend's camera, that's why I haven't been able to show you anything. But here it is, my very first lace shawl:

I forgot to ask boyfriend to take a pic in the wedding, so this was taken about 2 o'clock in the morning, when we got home. It's also my first hairdo made by a hairdresser.

Here are some more photos o the shawl. I'm pretty happy with it, even though I probably would have made a bigger one, if I had had the time and the yarn necessary. The pattern was quite easy and I noticed that lace knitting is quite addictive! This might be my first shawl, but it won't be the last!

I also made the jewelry for the wedding, but I'll put those photos other day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painting with yarn

The very first yarn painting that I have sold, "The meeting", has been ready already from Saturday and was sent today, but I just haven't had time to put any photos here. This very time consuming technique is used by Mexican Huichol Indians. The yarn is pressed to the beeswax to make the painting, that's where the name comes from.

Here's how it all started: Ravyn was looking for things with her totem animals, so I send her this sketch:
And little by little, the painting started to take form...

And finally it was ready! I'm pretty happy about the way it turned out.

Here are some details, you can see more in my Flickr account.

By the way, I decided to allow also anonymous comments, at least for a while, so feel free drop me a line (but no spam, please!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home sweet home...

The second workshop on education is over and I'm happily back in Mexico City. It was nice and interesting and a bit less stressing than the first workshop, but I'm still glad that I'm done with it. This time I was sent to Acapulco. Here's the view from my hotel:

Buuuut.... here's where I spent my time:

Well, I actually could spend some time on the beach too, but not as much as I would have liked... Any way, it's nice to get some touch of the reality between the studies. And besides, my group gave me lots of gifts too: one huipil (a traditional Mexican dress), a painted wooden box and a beach dress that I didn't photograph. I guess they liked me!

In order to keep myself busy now that the workshops are done (as if there wasn't enough to do with the studies!) I decided to star my very first lace shawl. To keep things more interesting, I have to finish this Lehmus-scarf next week - I want to use it on Saturday on friends' wedding. We'll see if I can finish it by then...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back in town...

Here's some chocolate for you! It's a present from my workshop group.

I'm back to Mexico City after my workshop in Chilpanchingo. Interesting and challenging experience, I learned a lot. But it was very tiring too, I have to admit. I have never facilitated a workshop alone for three days, and it really takes all your energy.

I was prepared to encounter some difficulties, especially after I heard that the teachers and school directors who participated in the workshop, had only been told about it the night before it started and were pretty pissed off by that. But my group turned out to be very nice! They worked well together and I think we managed to create a warm atmosphere so everyone felt comfortable enough to speak. I had only one difficult person that joined the group on the second day. He created some negative energy complaining all the time that instead of participating in some useless workshops he should be directing his school and teaching the kids. But finally I won him over too. The third day, when they were telling their feelings about the workshop, he was also saying how important it is that the teachers make the most of the workshops they are offered. I think that was my greatest victory in the workshop!

I learnt a lot about the conditions of the teachers in rural communities in Guerrero state. Nothing to envy, definitively! The salaries are very small and they even have to pay for themselves the sometimes very long trips to the communities where they teach. The material resources are also very scarce. Sometimes they have computers, for example, but not the electricity to use them.

What comes to Chilpanchingo as a town, I really can't recommend it. It's small and ugly and the people aren't very nice - except for my group, of course. We had even difficulties to take taxis - for some reason they always turned away when they saw two foreign girls (my friend was there too as a facilitator for another group). That doesn't happen often in other parts of the country. I'm glad to be send to some other place for the next workshop, even if I'd love to work with the same group (and they wanted me to go back).

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a legal alien...

Now I'm again legally in Mexico; I finally got my visa decision on Wednesday. But I still have to get my actual visa (a green booklet) made. First I was told it would take almost a month more to get it, but after I begged desperately, they promised it would be ready in couple of weeks. I really hope so! If I don't get it in time, I will lose the whole semester and all the classes I have taken at the university.

On Wednesday I also visited Ashes and Snow, Gregory Colbert's exposition that has been in Zócalo (City's main plaza) since January. The photos and videos are incredibly beautiful and poetic! There were thousands of people and the day was very hot (32 Celsius degrees), which made the experience quite tiring, but I'm still very happy I visited the Nomadic Museum. If the exposition ever comes to your city, you definitively should visit it! And if it doesn't, the web page (see the link above) gives you a good idea of the exposition.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots of things to do...

... and everything at the same time...

Things seems to be accumulating right now. I have to present some research results at the university during the May, finish an article (also during May), try to invent themes for some conference papers (inventing isn't that hard, really, but then some day soon I'll have to write those papers too), start my custom yarn painting in these days too...

And as that wasn't enough to do for a while, I also promised to work as a facilitator in two workshops. The first one will be next week - it was going to start already on this Thursday, but luckily the plans changed. All this came up last Friday, so there really hasn't been much time for planning or preparing things. The materials for the workshop isn't very useful either, so I have to invent a lot on educational management in the schools, which isn't my area at all. The participants will be supervisors and directors of schools, probably mainly elder men. I have worked as a facilitator in workshops, but they were for teenagers and children, so this is going to be quite different. In total the workshop will last three days, ten hour days each. I'll be there all by my own - there are other facilitators in the same city (Chilpancingo) for these workshops, but we are all in different schools. Sooooo.... it will be interesting!

But even though I'm not very well prepared and the participants may not be the easiest audience (though I'm definitively not going to let them minimize me for being a young woman), I'm still happy to be part of these workshops. And not only because they are quite well paid! I think it will be a great - and challenging - learning experience.

Any way, with all these things to be done, I have finished something too. This bracelet was a custom order for Jonna. As she lives by the sea, it's called "A Day on a Beach". I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and hope Jonna will love it too!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Fox hoodie is ready...

Actually it has been ready for couple of weeks already, but my official photographer - known also as my boyfriend - couldn't help me to take the pictures until now. But here are finally some:

Yarn: La Cusqueñita ( 45% acryllic, 40% alpaca, 15 % wool)
Needles: 4 mm
Pattern: mine
I'm quite happy with the result, even though I should have made the hoodie longer and the sleeves shorter. I shouldn't have taken the measures from existing hoodie. Well, you always learn something, don't you? Next time I'll just measure myself.
The yarn is a bit itchy (the blue Cusqueñita that I used for boyfriends hoodie for some reason tickles less). It helped a bit to wash it with softener, but that also made the sleeves even longer (and no, I didn't hang it). But I think I will use it a lot any way, because I just love the colour.

Oh, and I just had to start a new project, too. I think I'm getting really addicted to knitting (boyfriend thinks that too: "You just can't put your needles down, can you?"). I wanted to make a tunic, but as the yarn I bought (Emilia, Mexican yarn that is 100% cotton) seems to be quite heavy and not very nice to knit, I'll make just a top. It will probably stretch a bit anyway... The flower pattern is from Garnstudio's dress.

But these coming weeks I'll probably be concentrating more on yarn paintings (and studies, of course...) than on knitting. I finally got some chipboard and showed yesterday to boyfriend that I can actually use a saw without problems. Today I also got a custom order for totem animal yarn painting in Etsy. I so excited! I'm sure it will be just so much fun to make!