Thursday, March 27, 2008

My perfect bag and Easter holidays

It's here! Yesterday the mail man brought me a lovely messenger bag. It's a custom order made by Katherine of happykatbags and I just totally love it! It just the right size - I'm a kind of girl that carries everything with her, just in case.... The colours are beautiful and I love all the details Katherine has put into it. There was even a cute extra pouch inside the bag, which was a very nice surprise. What can I say - my bag is perfect! And it shipped much quicker than I expected (usually things tend to take time in the Mexican post). I'm so happy!

The Easter holidays passed nicely and peacefully. I planned to study, but finally I just spend time with some friends and with boyfriend's family. Weeeellll, one needs vacations sometimes, right?

It's curious that in Finland there seems to be a lot more Easter traditions than here in Mexico, even though Mexico is much more religious country. Well, there are religious processions and masses, but not much else. And you can actually shop all Easter, it seems - we went to buy shoes on Saturday, and shops were also open on Friday and Sunday, too. That was certainly a bit strange for me - in Finland, you can't basically do much anything on Good Friday, because everything is closed and on the TV there are only movies on the life of Jesus.
No virpominen on Palm Sunday, nor rairuoho (quickly growing grass used to decorate home during the Easter time) here, but I wanted to honor at least some Finnish traditions. So on Easter Sunday I made a traditional meal to my boyfriend and his mom. Well, the traditional part actually was only the roast mutton (which was delicious, by the way!), but the avocados filled with schrimps and the cheese cake with peaches were very good too. Here are some photos (I wanted to take more, but the battery of the camera was low):

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