Thursday, December 4, 2008

One year and one day - a blog contest!

I have been writing this blog for one year and one day now. (Yes, I did notice my blog birthday already yesterday, but was just too busy to even think about writing!) It's a quite long time, and has passed so quickly. That's why want to have a little contest to celebrate the ocasion. Just leave a comment in this post and tell me your favorite animal and colour. I'll make a little yarn painting (about 12 cm x 12 cm) for the winner of his/her favorite animal. You'll have until next Monday to participate! (You can leave a comment in English, Spanish or Finnish.)

These last weeks have been very busy with the studies. I have made various presentations and the University, written essays and tried to advance in my researh too. Of one presentation I'm particularly proud of: a short afro dance show my dance group made. Yes, you read correctly. I have been taking an afro dance class this semester and I love it. But when the teacher told us we had the chance to make a public presentation, I had my doubts. I'm not really that good at sports, so my first thought was: "Me, dancing afro in public??? No way!" Especially because our group is very small, so every one really would stand out.

But then I thought again. It was a great challenge. I don't feel shy speaking in public about my research, but even the idea of dancing in public made me nervous. So I decided I had to do it, just to overcome my fears. It wouldn't really matter if I would look stupid or if I couldn't keep up the correct rythm. I would do it or myself.
And so I was one of the six persons of my group dancing in public. I'm so happy I did it! We weren't perfect, but I think no one noticed our little mistakes, because we were so happy and had lots of energy. At least we got lots of aplauses. I felt really good afrterwards, even though I think those were the quickest 4:30 minutes of my life (the presentation seemed to pass so quickly that I was almost disapointed when we had to stop dancing).


trek said...

Congrats on the dance "recital"!

evergreenknits said...

Happy blogiversary!

I posted about your contest on WiKnit, my knitting contest blog.

Your yarn paintings are very cool, and I hope a lot of people drop by to see them.

Oh, my favorite color is green and my favorite animal is my black cat.

Turtle said...

Happy blogiversary! yeah on the recital!!

Hmmm, favorite color is green and favorite animal, either a sea turtle or wolf

Kristen said...

Hi! I guess my favorite animal would be my dog Belle, and my favorite color is green. (If you choose me I can send a picture of Belle.) :)

EJ said...

Happy Blogiversary!

My favorite color is purple, and I love birds.

Sharon Rose said...

Your yarn paintings are awesome! I have to show the Day of the Dead one to my husband. He'll love it.

My black rabbit died a few months ago and I still miss her. She was a huge part of this family for 8 years.

My favorite color: cobalt blue.

Thanks for such a beautiful contest!

tom said...

The yarn paintings are gorgeous.

I love purple and turtles - they probably don't go together in the same sentence, but there you have it.

Elaine said...

Wow - I never saw yarn painting before. Just beautiful.

Happy blogiversary.

Favorite color - purples and blues.
Favorite animal - Hmmm - I think birds (I loved the hummingbird painting)

Rachel O said...

Happy blogiversary. I looked at the yarn paintings and they are awesome!

My favorite color is purple. Favorite color combo is purple and turquoise, and my daughter and I love turtles and my husband is a bird watcher so either would be terrific.

Jonna said...

Onnea yksivuotiaalle! Tanssi vie mukanaan ja yleisöä ei edes huomaa tai sitten aivan toisin päin. Ei sillä ole väliä, kunhan itsellä on hyvä olo tanssiessa.
Minulla on eri värikausia mutta sinisestä en koskaan luovu ja eläinlistalla delfiinit rokkaa

purple-power said...

Hmmm - I can't top the last commenter who I'm guessing by the number of vowels was writing in Finnish, but I can wish you a heartfelt Happy Blogiversary and tell you how cool I think your yarn paintings are.

Favorite color is probably any shade of purple and/or red, and I've never had a pet myself, but I do enjoy looking a birds and I also like turtles and polar bears. I loved your hummingbird with flowers. Really wonderful

Ta-Miit said...

Congratulations for a blogiversary!

My favourite animal is cat and my favourite color is dark silver gray.

Jersey said...

Happy Blogiversary.

Really nice Etsy site.

I like puffins and penguins, and I like the blue-purple range, especially a deep purple.

Perttu said...

Pakko osallistua kaikkiin kilpailuihin joihin pystyy, joten kokeillaan tätäkin!
Kai minä voitan jos sanon että lempi eläin on eero? ;)
Ja väri olisi vihreä:D

(Jos toi eläin ei kelpaa niin kissa sitten)

Maia said...

Happy blogiversary!

I love your yarn paintings. They are so expressive.

My favorite colors are yellow and orange.

My favorite animal is the dog, I have a black & white Boston Terrier. Total sweetie!

Timiae said...

Me encantan los perros (Standard Poodle o Boxer), caballos, ratas/ratones, y conejos.

Mis colores favoritos son verde (el color de aceituna verde), rojo, turquesa, y morado.

(Ok, I speak English, but wanted a chance to practice Spanish!)

carla said...

Happy Blogiversary.

I'd love to win a yarn painting.

I love blues, reds, purples.

Favorite animal is a turtle, I think

ChillyFreeToes said...

I love indigo and periwinkle. My favorite animals are birds. Congrats!!!

|chee-uh| said...

My favorite colour is burgundy and my favorite animal is, surprise...cats!

I have to say, waiting tables is what help me break out of my shyness. I think I miss that job the most.

Laurie~Let's Knit It said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!
My favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is the Giraffe.