Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been featured in Etsy Blog en Español! Emma makes interesting interviews of Etsy artists in her blog. I'm very happy that I got the chance to be featured! Emma has also her own Etsy shop with some very nice things, be sure to check it.

A while ago, I got this recognition from Juanita, but I just haven't had time to blog about it earlier.

The rules are these:

1. Choose 5 blogs that you estimate because of their creativeness, images and/or interesting content.
2. Every prize is personal and when you give it, you have to mention the name of the blog and put a link to it.
3. The receiver puts the logo of the prize in his/her blog.
4. The logo should be linked to the direction of the blog where you received the prize.
5. The receiver puts the rules in his/her blog.

There are lots of creative blogs-I read, so this isn't easy... But well, here are my choices this time:

- Hitaat kiireet

Finally, here's a picture of some jewelry I send to Finland. If you're interested, my Mom is selling these (and many others) in Tampere.

Well, back to study now. We have a long weekend here in Mexico, but no fiesta for me, I'm spending some quality time with my thesis.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I wanted to write about the Day of the Dead Celebrations here in Mexico, but I'm too shocked and it really doesn't seem apropiate right now.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the first results on the presidential elections of the U.S., suddenly there were thes extra news on an airplane accident. The small plane that carried the Mexican Secretary of the Interior and some other civil cervants had crashed in the street in the center of the Mexico City. The people in the plane died immediately and the were other victims - at least 5 - that had been on the street. And at least 40 persons got injured, as there was a huge fire. Luckily the plane didn't crash into any of the high buildings there are near, the damages could have been even worse.

The accident happened only about 30 metres from the Finnish Embassy. Yesterday I still thought "Well, at least no one should have been in the Embassy that late". But I just heard that a a Finnish friend was just leaving the building when the plane crashed and she's now in hospital. I really hope she gets well soon.