Monday, February 16, 2009

Random things

Some time ago, Jaana from Metsän takana challenged me to tell six random things about myself. Here you go!

1. I'm very curious. I'm not generally intersted in cars, for example, but start to fix a car in front of me, and you'll soon see me looking over your shoulder and asking questions.

2. I have studied several foreign languages. The strangest one is probably Northern Sami, spoken by the Sami, the indigenous people of Finland and other Nordic countries. No, I don't have any connection - more than mere interest - to the Sami, and I have only used the language on my University classes and reading some Sami poetry. I still think it hasn't been a waste of time at all. Some day I just might need it, who knows? Besides, the more languages you learn, the easier it gets... And it's wonderful to learn about new ways of thinking and seeing things, and a foreign language is a good way to open perspectives. And well, I said it already - I'm very curious.

3. Walking clears my head. If I'm stressed out, angry, sad or worried, I take a walk. Sometimes when I'm writing my research and feel that some idea is coming, but can't quite get it yet, I walk in my room.

4. Some day I want to travel to Siberia. By train, of course, and for several weeks, without mayor plans, so I could got off the train whenever I wanted and just stay in some village for a while. But before that I would have to study Russian again (I have forgotten almost everything) and learn to sleep in the train.

5. I love mangos. The mango season is about to begin, hurray!

6. I like to keep my curtains open to get as much sunlight as possible. And to see the sky.

I'm not going to challenge anyone else, but if you want to continue the meme, please tell me, so I can visit you!

And now some random stuff: pics of the yarns that I bought from Finland. I "only" brought 2,7 kg... I normally don't buy so much yarn at once, as I prefer to finish one project before starting a new one, but it's easiest for me to bring yarn from Finland. And I have a plan for almost everything.

The red ones are going to be Sylvi, the white Merinosilk is for my friend's wedding shawl, the blue bambu yarn will become Wilhelmiina (as soon as I finish my current project) and Pirkkalanka on the left side will be some kind of multicoloured sweater that I haven't designed yet.

Mom gave me the lovely Sivilla yarns. I'll make two shawls with them, I think.


Rachel O said...

Funny - I also go for walks to figure things out and my favorite fruit is mango. When I can get them fresh, I buy frozen chunks that I blend with yogurt to make smoothies, but of course fresh is best.

I love the Sylvi pattern.

ColibriDreams said...

Mmm, mango smoothie sounds good, I'll have to try that!

Sylvi is so lovely, that I just had to bought the pattern and the yarns. But I think I'll knit something for the summer before I start it.

Jonna said...

I used to loooove mango but not anymore, after moving to a house where there are 3 huge mango trees in my garden and kilos and kilos of mango to clean from the floor every day...trees are too high to pick the mangos. They fall down and as they fall high they crash so you can't eat them anymore.
Great collection of yarn!

ColibriDreams said...

Oh no, Jonna, that sounds just sad. Having so many mangos without being able to it them! The revenge of the mangos...

varun said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves