Monday, February 15, 2010

Coming back

It's hard to start writing after a long pause. Actualy, I have been thinking about writing here for a long time. I just haven't done it. I partly blame writer's block and partly thesis...

I also wasn't sure if to start blogging again about a trip to a volcano or about knitting. Well, even though some of you might prefer the volcano, you'll get knitting pictures for now. There are less pictures of my projects than of the volcano, so it's simply easier. But I promise the volcano pics later!

Even though the thesis has kept me really busy, I have had time to knit too. Maybe it's more like I have taken my time to knit too, it helps me keep sane with all the stress with the thesis. Now more than ever it's really nice to see something concrete to get finished...

This stole I already finished on November to use it in a wedding.


Pattern: Melon Stichs shawl/stole from Victorian Lace today
yarn: Lana Stop Reina, less than 50g
needles: 4 mm

I like it a lot, but unfortunately the blocking didn't make it as wide as I had hoped for, so it didn't cover me as much as it should have. This winter I have used it a lot as a scarf though - it's so lovely and light. It was the first time I knit mohair yarn, and I liked it.

Then there's of course the Great Christmas Present for boyfriend that I started in August and finished 24th of December (in the morning, may I say!). Yes, a crocheted blanket.

Otoño blanket
yarn: Novita Puro 2050g, Katia Azteca about 50g, and Ecologico Camel about 130g)
hook: 5mm

It's called "Otoño" or Autumn, because the colours remind me of, well, autumn. It was fun to make (but not to sew together). I just crocheted different sizes of granny squares and then in the end decided how to combine them. I hadn't crocheted in a loong time, but have to say it's quite addictive! I like the rythm of it.

I used mainly Puro yarn, but as my dear boyfriend demanded (as a joke, it results) that he wanted the blanket for his king size bed, I ran out of yarn. That's why I also used a bit of Katia Azteca for some squares and Ecologico Camel for the edge.

I love it and have to say that it was hard to part with, even though it went for boyfriend. I especially missed the blanket during the really cold days of late December and January. But well, when we'll move in together, it will be mine again! Eh, I mean... I can use it. ;-)


Jonna said...

Hurja urakka tuossa peiton virkkaamisessa mutta lopputulos on aivan varmasti sen värtti. Toivottavasti saat sen pian 'takaisin' : )

helena said...

Ihana huivi, jotenkin niin herkkä!" Pitsineulos on minusta aina jotenkin kauniimpaa valkoisena tai ainakin hyvin vaaleana. Ja ihan myös tuo peitto, on sulla ollut siinä hommaa!

ColibriDreams said...

Jonna, kyllä tosiaan kannatti virkkailla. Onneksi lanka oli aika paksua ja neliöitä sai valmiiksi nopeasti.

Helena, kiitos! Valkoinen tosiaan herkistää pitsiä, tummista väreistä tulee ihan eri tunnelma, vaikka lanka olisi ohutta ja kevyttä.