Monday, December 17, 2007

Knitting, knitting... and some film making

I've been knitting like crazy these last weeks. Yes, I started a Christmas present too late again. This time it's a sweater for my boyfriend. I never learn to start any time consuming Christmas gift projects already in the summer. Well, this time I have a good excuse - it was surprisingly difficult to find woollen yarn. Mexicans just looove acrylic yarns, it seems...

In the picture you can see a lonely little moose that decorates the front of the sweater. Simple is beautiful... especially when you have a deadline coming!

Did you know you can knit and study at the same time? I noticed it last week as I had to finish some last essays for the University, and had to read some electronic texts, too. Knitting when you read an electronic book actually helps you to concentrate (not always on the book, though... ;-)

My knitting project has also accompanied me to a film making scene. On Saturday I worked as an extra in "Dragon Ball". Actually I worked (read: walked in the backround of some scenes) about 2 hours of all the 13 hours we had to be in there. The rest of the time we extras were just sitting or hanging around bored. But it's okay, as you get paid quite well. Besides, I could also knit...

Well, gotta go now - I have some serious knitting to do!

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