Thursday, December 13, 2007

My first Etsy sale!

I'm so excited! I made my first Etsy sale today. Thank you, Valerie!

I have sold quite a lot of jewelry in Finland, but it's still nice to notice that people elsewhere are interested in my creations too. Besides, at least here in Mexico it's believed that the first sale brings good luck... Hopefully it works for my shop, too!

Here is the picture of the lucky bracelet, called "Walking in the woods", as it was inspired by my favorite forest back in Finland.

Today was also a shopping day, as I went with my friend to Ciudadela, one of the biggest crafts market here in Mexico City. Actually I only went to keep company and help my friend to choose some gifts for her family. But you just can't go to Ciudadela without buying something... Everything is so beautiful, colorful and unique and there are crafts from every corner of Mexico there. I just love the Mexican crafts!

Well, this time I only bought a bag. And I needed it! I have been thinking of buying one for a while now, as I always manage to broke my bags. The one I bought doesn't have as many pockets I would need, but it is so big that at least I can carry a lot of books to the university (that's how my bags usually break - I guess I'm always carrying too much things in them). I found also lovely watermelon-shaped plates, but they will have to wait for the next time.

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