Saturday, February 9, 2008

A grey day...

Today the weather is very grey... in that yellowish way the sky sometimes gets before a thunderstorm. I'm also a bit sick, I really shouldn't have eaten in one of those little kiosks at the university (I never learn I guess). The most irritating part of being sick now is that I have a fridge full of good food - I invited couple of friends to my house yesterday and there are still lots of delicious leftovers... Besides, we were invited to two parties today and to eat Colombian food tomorrow. Why did I have to get this stupid stomach acke right now!

I had to brighten up the day a little and knit. I started this new project last Tuesday, when I finally got some new yarns:

The yarn is the same that I used for my boyfriend's hoodie, as I had some of the white one left and was too lazy to try to find any new woollen yarns, which isn't too easy here. The color is a bit more raspberry reddish than in the picture.

This one will be a hoodie too, but for myself. I realized I haven't knitted anything for myself (except a sweater I started in high school that never got finished), my projects have always been gifts for friends or boyfriend. So this one is for me! Boyfriend wanted me to knit something for him too with this color, but no way, he'll just have to wait this time!

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