Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skeletons and trees of life

I'm still alive... I have thought about many things to write about, but I just haven't gotten into it lately. Well, I'll try to get more active again. And I will write about my trip to Finland too, but not now.

On Friday a friend of mine invited me with her to Metepec, a village near Mexico City. It's known for its crafts, mainly pottery. I have never been there before, so it was a nice day trip. As my friend needed to buy things for a restaurant in Finland, we spent the whole day looking for different kinds of ceramics.

We found some very nice places. I especially loved the Ortega family's workshop. The place itself was very beautiful, with pottery all over. They had even decorated the ground with it.

The main themes in the pottery in this village are trees of life and different kinds of skeletons, like the Catrinas (elegant skeleton ladies). Also the Ortegas had there workshop full of them. I liked a lot for example this Noah’s ark tree of life, which was about 75 cm high and had taken them more than a month to make.

I fell in love with this lovely lady, although unfortunately I couldn’t take her home.

Although there were so many lovely things, I only bought two gifts and well… these boxes for myself. You’ll see them in the future here, after I have the time to decorate them.

I have finished some things too, like a cable sweater for myself and a hummingbird themed yarn painting, but you'll see them later.


Jonna said...

Minä kerään catrinoita ja muita teemaan liittyviä esineitä. Tällä hetkellä yritän hankkia vain pieniä esineitä mutta olen jo kauan katsellut (himoinnut) isompiakin. Keraamisia, mache paperista tehtyjä ym. Me facinan!

ColibriDreams said...

Catrinat ovat ihania, ne ovat jotenkin niin elegantteja. Tämä kyseinen rouva puhutteli minua kovasti, mutta poikaystävä ei valitettavasti tykkää niistä yhtään. Eipä heillä kotona kyllä kuolleidenpäivän alttariakaan laiteta. Hänen äitinsä ei halua houkutella alttarille muisteltavien henkilöiden lisäksi muita kutsumattomia (ei elävien kirjoissa olevia) vieraita.