Monday, October 13, 2008

A lovely birthday surprise

Last Friday was my 27th birthday, and my dear boyfriend decided to surprise me with a trip. On Friday we went to a restaurant and he told me we would stay the weekend in his house, so I would have to take some clothes with me. I had imagined that we would do something on Saturday, as boyfriend had insisted on that it wasn't a good day for a birthday party. Still I was happily surprised when he woke me up early in the morning for a weekend trip.

Whole trip he managed to keep it secret where we were going. It was excited to sit in the car and watch the beautiful scenes without having a slightest idea where we would end up. After three and half hours we arrived to our destination, Chignahuapan. Actually we didn't stay in the town itself, but in Aguas Termales de Chignahuapan, a hotel and spa with hot springs, which is outside of the town, in the mountains.

The place was lovely! The hotel lies in a small canyon, between the green mountains and beside a foaming river. It's quite isolated, which is only nice for a relaxing stay. And relaxing it was - the swimming in the thermal waters is just lovely. The best thing is that in the hotel rooms you have your own hot spring bath. Perfect for couples!

There are also some activities there. On Sunday we went to a nature walk in the mountains. The scenery is just spectacular!

On Sunday we also visited the town of Chignahuapan. It's nice and colourfull little place.

You can find lots of pottery there - and Christmas decorations. It was kind of funny to see the whole town full of Christmas spheres, some of them about 40 cm. Even though they were really beautiful, I only bought this clay pot. It's handmade, but it cost almost nothing. I love cooking, so it will be something useful!

I'm so happy after this weekend I'm still kind of floating in the air. This a was perfect birthday! Beautiful place, tranquility, walking in the woods, good food, relaxing in the hot springs, a romantic weekend... and all this with my loved one. What else can you ask for? I really really love that man!


Jonna said...

Onnea näin jälkikäteen synttärisankarille. Wau! Olipa ihana synttärilahja! Rentouttava viikonloppu rakkaan seurassa. Noissa keraamisissa astioissa keitetty ruoka maistuu vielä paremmalta kuin muuten. Yksi suosikkini joka ehdottomasti vaatii valmistuksen tuollaisessa pannussa on carne de puerco en salsa verde....ja tietenkin frijoles puercos (se nota que no soy vegetariana vdad...jajaja)

Sanna said...

Oiii, kuulostaa ihanalta... Ikävä sua! Terkkuja Jannelta/Riksulle ja onnea vielä :)

ColibriDreams said...

Jonna: Kiitos! Kokeilin pataa pollo pipianin tekoon ja hyvää tuli. Tuota puercoa en olekaan kokeillut, täytyypä etsiä resepti!

Sanna: Oli ihanaa! Mullakin on teitä ikävä, olette olleet ajatuksissa paljon. Terkkuja myös Jannelle ja Riksultakin!

juanita said...

heippa ja terveisiä madridista! minulla on sinulle jotain blogissani! :)