Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First I wanted to tell you that I have been invited to participate in Mayeh, a blog where a few Mexican designers/artist present their work. I'm very happy about being part of the blog. Hope you like it too! Every month there's a new theme for things we make. I have already lots of plans for October's theme (Autumn), just have to make those plans reality!

The plans for the Mayeh theme aren't the only one I have. I have lots of creative energy going on, and lots of ideas I want to realize using different mediums. I'm in some kin of manic period... I want to knit - I'm usually one knit's woman, but now I have three projects on the needles and want to start more - make yarn paintings, jewelry, paint... and even crochet. I haven't crocheted in years, but now I want to start again. I actually already tried to crochet a bit, here's the result.

It was supposed to be a decoration for my new jacket, but I think it's a bit too big (10 cm). I like hippy flowers, but there's a limit... But that's a good excuse for crocheting more flowers. This model is designed by Vilma.

I haven't been making jewelry for a long time, and yesterday I finally got my beads out. I have so lovely materials, looking at them gave me even more ideas. This necklace is will probably be called "Circus" for its fun colours. It is made of tagua seeds. If you like it, you can soon find it in the shop.

Even though I make jewelry, I almost never make it to myself. Something had to be done about that, so I transformed these reindeer bone amulets I found in Finland...

... to this jewelry set for myself. Very happy with the result.
It seems something with the bones fascinates me rigth now. I bought these today (I have promised myself to use my old materials before buying new ones, but I just couldn't resist):

At least there's a purpose for few of them already - the circles with two stripes could become earrings for Mom.

Luckily all my creative energy hasn't limited to crafting. I have also had lots of energy for studying, and my research is going well too. The only thing I need is more time to study and craft!

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