Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some progress with the fox hoodie

I have now almost finished the front parts of my red and white fox hoodie. It's lovely to knit something so fast! Boyfriend's hoodie took a lot more time to knit, as he's tall and wanted it to be quite loose-fitting. I'm still not sure about the fox though, it might be a bit too big. Any comments?

And now that I remember, I have joined Ravelry too, and you can find me also there with the name "colibridreams".

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some people just don't get it?

The title could refer to many, many things, but this time I'm talking about the director of my thesis.

Have you ever been in a situation that you talk with somebody, and in theory you are talking about the same thing, but in practice there is no point of understanding? (I'm sure you have, as this could happen with many topics, like religion or ethical beliefs.) Well, talking about my research with my tutor is just like that. It's just too obvious that either she doesn't understand my research theme or she never really read my research project - or both. The worst thing is that she doesn't even undesrtand that she doesn't understand.

My tutor thinks she knows everything about everything, and besides, she wants to civilize me (yes, she was using that exact word). And I'm apparently stuck with her - in my university you can't change the director of your thesis without his/her consent. And she has made very clear she doesn't let me go. Oh great.

Next time I promise to post something about my crafts here.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A grey day...

Today the weather is very grey... in that yellowish way the sky sometimes gets before a thunderstorm. I'm also a bit sick, I really shouldn't have eaten in one of those little kiosks at the university (I never learn I guess). The most irritating part of being sick now is that I have a fridge full of good food - I invited couple of friends to my house yesterday and there are still lots of delicious leftovers... Besides, we were invited to two parties today and to eat Colombian food tomorrow. Why did I have to get this stupid stomach acke right now!

I had to brighten up the day a little and knit. I started this new project last Tuesday, when I finally got some new yarns:

The yarn is the same that I used for my boyfriend's hoodie, as I had some of the white one left and was too lazy to try to find any new woollen yarns, which isn't too easy here. The color is a bit more raspberry reddish than in the picture.

This one will be a hoodie too, but for myself. I realized I haven't knitted anything for myself (except a sweater I started in high school that never got finished), my projects have always been gifts for friends or boyfriend. So this one is for me! Boyfriend wanted me to knit something for him too with this color, but no way, he'll just have to wait this time!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

About Marimekko and other things from Finland

On Tuesday I went to the opening of the Marimekko exposition. Very nice, I have always liked Marimekko designs and there were lots of textiles I had seen last time as a kid. So nostalgic! It was also good the see the real stuff for once - there are lots of fakes here. And no, no one really knows Marimekko is a Finnish company.

We got an example of Mexican logic in the opening, too. There was wine and vodka, but the staff just didn't want to give us glasses to drink from. The logic was this: there are always people who come to the openings only for the drinks and aren't interested in the exposition. So, they decided to discourage this practice - by not serving to the people who didn't have a glass already. The ones who had managed to get a glass earlier, were still served plenty of alcohol. Basically, one half of the public was drunk and the other half angry. And of course the ones who got the glass were the ones who only came for the booze and not to see the expo. It took quite a while to convince the staff that there might be something wrong with their logic. Oh well...

There so many people here who really don't want to think for themselves, which is quite irritating sometimes. I guess there are everywhere, but still... Can it be that difficult?

The Finnish stuff in the photo is gift from my friend after her trip to Finland. A bit of salmiakki, strong salty liquorice, that almost everyone who is not a Finn finds disgusting. I love it! Yam! And waxpaper for baking. You can find it here, too, but it isn't good for anything. Even if you put tons of butter on it, everything gets stuck to it.

Unfortunately my friend couln't bring me all the things I miss from Finland, like chocolate (believe it or not, Mexican chocolate isn't very good), cheese, rahka (a special Finnish dairy product), rye bread, Carelian pasties... The list goes on! And oh, I woulnd't mind someone bringing me a sauna here, too! ;-)