Sunday, January 13, 2008

Does it ever happen to you...

... that you go to buy materials for one thing and end up buying something else? Well, with jewelry materials it happens to me a lot (ok, ok, with other shopping too, sometimes). For example my "Winter Berries" set is a result of that kind of spontaneous shopping. And it's really one of my favorites now!

Last time it happened to me with these lovely fossil stones, when I was looking for hand made slippers for my boyfriend. I didn't find the slippers, and bought the fossils instead. How could I NOT buy them?? They have such an interesting texture, whole stories in them. Can't wait to see how these will turn out to be... I have already decided the name for one of them, even if I'm still not quite sure how I will make the necklace.

And what comes to other crafting projects... I'm dying to start a sweater for myself and find the beeswax (I found a place where I might find it). But I have promised to myself that I will have to wait until the whole re registration process is over at the university. I really really have to make some advance in my investigation these weeks, so I can't buy any yarns or other crafting materials to tempt me. Besides, going to the center just takes hours (in the subway alone, not even to mention the time I would use actually looking for the materials), it's too much for now. Mexico City is so huge that you can spend hours just sitting in the traffic or in puclic transportation.

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