Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mexico - warm??

Many people may have this idea that Mexico is a warm place. Well, it isn't! At least if it's winter and you aren't lucky enough to be in some of the beautiful Mexican beaches. Right now in Mexico City (not even to mention the Northern parts of the country) it's pretty cold...

Ok, maybe it sounds silly to be complaining about the cold, when during the day the temperature have been something like 18 Celsius degrees (during the night about 1 degree). It's not that cold, I know. But the thing isn't really the outside temperature, but the fact that it's freezing cold inside the houses. Last night I was sleeping with two pajamas, woollen pullover and a fleeze jacket, and of course two pairs of woollen socks. And I was still cold. Hrr! I'm eternally thankful to my grandma for making me a pair of woollen hand warmers that let me study in my fridge (read: my home) without my fingers turning blue.

My advice for anyone coming to Mexico in winter - bring your woollen socks with you! Except if you are going to the beaches or to the jungles of Chiapas.

Luckily on Tuesday we made a little day trip to Cuernavaca, a city that is about an hour away from here. The climate is very different, as you get down from the mountains where the capital lies. It was lovely, the city is beautiful and it was nice to enjoy some sun and warmth. I don't have any pictures, though, I had only my "old fashioned" systems camera with me.

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Jonna said...

Saludos desde la playa, it's chilly here too! Not quite like in Mexico City but it goes down to 10 degrees at night and early morning. That for us, costeños, is cold.
Iloinen vilkutus länsirannikolta!