Thursday, January 24, 2008

A scary weather phenomenon

Candlelight dinner with your loved one... Sounds romantic, doesn't it? At least if you choose to have one. We didn't, and although it was kind of nice for a while, spending hours and hours without electrity started to be quite boring. Well, I'm one of the lucky ones I guess - my home was without electricity only for about 12 hours. In some parts of the city they are still working on that.

All this was caused by a strange weather phenomenon - huracane winds, it said in the newspaper, but without the huracane. The day was very beautiful and warm, until about 7 p.m., when the storm came out of nowhere. I was in my home and wondered why suddenly there was this loud noise coming from my roof, as if someone was throwing things there. I looked out of the window, and suddenly the sky was black, the winds had risen and you could hear the thunder. And baff - the lights were gone.

It was a bit scary to sit alone in the dark (my boyfriend only came after the storm) and just listen to the noise in the roof and all the sirens from the streets. I was sure that the winds would rip the plastic part of the roof away. They didn't, but something big and heavy fell on the roof.

The phenomenon stopped as suddenly as it started, it took only about 40 minutes, I think. But it was really devastating - the wind was blowing 70 km/h, 12 out of the City's 16 districts couldn't get electricity, 50 trees fell down in different parts of the City and at least two persons died (one when a tree fell on his car) and others were hurt. You can see the photo (it's not mine by the way, it's from El Universal newspaper).

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darth_jedi said...

ouch! thats 1 bad night!