Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend on the beach

Last Saturday boyfriend and I had our second official aniversary (yes, some of you may have noticed that we actually have been together longer, but it's a long story), so we decided to get out of the City.

We had thought about two options: Patzcuaro and Acapulco. I have this obsession about San Juan Parangaricutiro, a village that was buried in lava in the 1940's, but it was just too far away this time. Well, as you can see in the picture, we chose Acapulco instead of culturally more interesting, but much colder Patzcuaro.

And I think it was definitively a good choice for the aniversary weekend. It was relaxing, even though we didn't get much sleep (some kids started to scream at the pool at 7 a.m.). And oh so warm! During the day the temperature was over 30 degrees and even in the night we were sweating when we walked in the center. Nice change for the cold Mexico City! Besides there weren't so much turists now, which is always a plus.

I really can't complain: sunny weather, swimming in the warm see, walking on the beach, good food, sparkling wine for breakfast - and of course all this in the company of the man of my life. What else could I ask?

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