Thursday, January 31, 2008

A special case?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm some kind of special case in my University and in my program. Ok, my department usually messes up with everybody, but I think I still have more problems than some of my friends. Every single procedure I have to do in the University has some problems. Either someone lost one (or few) of my documents, or there are problems with the computer or my name is written wrong and I have to do the whole procedure all over again. I'm still waiting for my official student card, too - most of my study mates got their plastic card about 8 months ago, and I still have my temporal card. And no sign that it's ever going to be changed.

Today we had to do our reinscription to the program. The system kept telling me I couldn't do it because it wasn't the right day. And yes, I was the only one. Finally the problem got solved - they always do here, you just need lots of patience and time - after I got personal help from the Academic Services department's boss. But I just wander do I have some kind of "no smooth transactions for this girl" tag in my data... I can't wait the see the huge problems I will have when I'll try to graduate... I can see it coming already.

Well, the good thing is that the reinscription is done now and I can finally craft! (I promised my self not no make anything before it was over.) Though I still have to send some documents to Finland and edit some texts - yes, I'm editing some articles in Spanish as part of my scholarship work (no, they are not mine) - next weeks, so not too much time for crafting anyway. But I'll buy some materials on Monday, when I'll go to the center to meet the other members of our new Etsy Mexico Street Team. Beeswax! New yarn! Yupii!


Jonna said...

Minullakin on tuo special case vaiva, muutkin ovat sita mielta etta minun kohdalleni osuu aivan liikaa kaikkea spesiaalia vaivaa ja epaonnea.

ColibriDreams said...

Juu, välillä sellaiseen menee hermot. Jos edes kerran yliopistolla menisi jonkin proseduuri sujuvasti... No, ainakin tiedän nykyään aina varata aikaa ja kärsivällisyyttä.